Financial Services Graduates – What Do They Face


Graduates of 2020 will be facing some of the toughest times we have seen for many generations according to a recent report produced by the institute of fiscal studies (IFS) ominously titled “A bad time to graduate” suggests that the class of 2020 will expect hard times ahead.

It has been predicted that those graduating in 2020 will face more hardship than those that graduated in the recession of 2008-2009 which is a complete contrast to the start of the year which was predicted to be one the strongest we would see in decades.

Elliott James Consulting the buyside recruitment specialist assist many graduates finding their feet into the world of hedge funds.

One of the key things we advise candidates is the need to stay positive, this is something that we believe massively important.

Companies out there are still recruiting in the financial markets and we have saw am uplift in Q3 and expect a strong Q4.

Recruiting has certainly picked up in asset management and hedge funds since coming out the first lockdown and into lockdown 2.0. The wheels of industry need to keep on turning even in times of an international pandemic.

Graduates need to stay focussed positive and our advice would be continue to stay in contact with your recruiters on a regular basis, try to get to know them, make sure they’re aware you are still looking and are flexible.

Another thing to keep an eye on is that you make sure your CV is selling yourself in the best possible way, as at the moment you will be up against more competition that ever for the positions that you are going for.

All the asset management / hedge fund interviews will be done over video conferencing, so make sure you are still dressed smartly and in an appropriate place within your home.

Be confident and be yourself, all the things that you would do in interview within an office environment.

Please remain positive, and remember these times will not last forever.  The market is coming back and we expect to see a strong next six months, so hopefully the roles which were put on hold will be back on line and moving again.

Good luck and if you would like to talk to one of our consultants about any of this or if you would like to send in your CV, please do to

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