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Diversity and Equality in Asset Management 2020


What a year 2020 across recruitment in London’s hedge fund recruitment and asset management recruitment sector has been. Most certainly there are two main talking points that we can take from this year, these being the Corona Virus outbreak and also the movement for equality and diversity – not only in the workplace within asset management and hedge funds but across the globe in everyday life. At Elliott James Consulting we have been looking at how the above 2 topics have affected the recruitment market, specifically within our specialist sectors being asset management and hedge fund recruitment.

In the UK distribution market (client services, marketing & sales) within asset management, clients are pushing heavily to create equality and a diverse workplace.  An example of this would be the increase in women in senior roles and ensuring there is a balance of those being interviewed. We are also seeing a change in the way interviews are conducted making sure that diversity is also represented in many firms interview panels.

2020 has been incredibly eventful with the #BLM movement and which has motivated many employers in asset management to look at their processes and balance. Those who are avid LinkedIn users will have seen the #100blackinterns movement which has now reached an incredible #100000black interns which intends to get those from ethnic minority backgrounds into the sector, we are embracing this and working closely with our clients to make sure we are adding as much value as possible to assist this.

Things may have seemed glum in 2020 however we can look back at the highlight being the positive changes in diversity and equality awareness which really picked up momentum this year across our industry and moving forwards we can all do our bit to ensure this continues.

With the news for the vaccine being rolled out in December this year we are optimistic that the market will continue to pick up we all have a very different 2021

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