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2020 Elliott James Consulting – Message from Peter


Message from Peter Elliott – Founder – Elliott James Consulting – Buyside Recruitment Specialists

What a year 2020 has been for us all.    

Having been working in recruitment spanning three decades its safe to say I have seen many of the highs and lows this industry has to offer and just when you think you’ve seen everything 2020 decided to give us all a rude awakening.

We all know the history of this year and what’s happened so I won’t regurgitate the fine details and timelines, the reason for this post is simple, its to thank our clients for their continued support and trust.

Also to our valued staff who all experienced furlough when we were in the depths of lockdown and the uncertainty that created, however who are now back, busy, making placements and who are relishing what 2021 will bring.

I want to say how utterly amazed at how accomplished and smoothly our clients have adopted this new working from home utopia.

Yes there were some initial creaks and groans as the wheels of industry had to adopt to this new method of working and as you can imagine whilst these changes were happening recruitment slowed down hugely.

It was amazing however to see how quickly companies could see that things were working smoothly with their staff working from home.

We are in conversations regarding recruitment with hedge funds and asset managers every day and the message we are receiving from our client base is complete confidence for hiring in 2021 across all levels of their business.

The biggest area we are seeing across our client based is most definitely ESG and is an area Elliott James Consulting are keen to embrace and add as much value to as possible.

To round off, now that the Christmas break is fast approaching it will be a good time for us all to reflect on 2020 and what has been done wrong/right,  we now look forward to taking momentum start 2021 with a “can do” and “think big” attitude.

Best wishes to you all and festive greetings from the team at Elliott James Consulting


Peter Elliott

MD – Elliott James Consulting – Buyside Recruitment Specialists