Referral Scheme

People like you always seem to know good people

We’re always on the look-out for exceptional candidates to fill our vacancies. Personal recommendations are very important to us, and from our experience good people tend to know other good people. If you refer a friend or colleague to us for a vacancy on our website who we subsequently place in that role, we’ll reward you up to £250 in vouchers or make the equivalent donation to a charity of your choice.

Terms and Conditions

The following conditions and restrictions shall apply to the payment by EJC of any amounts to any third parties under the EJC Referral Scheme model for the provision of information, services or other assistance (“Service(s)”) by any third party (“Provider”).
EJC is fully committed to ethical business practises and as a consequence of this:-EJC does not condone the provision by any Provider of any Services that might infringe any client confidentiality, intellectual property, employment or exclusivity agreement; and EJC will not make payment for any such Service.

EJC does not condone the provision by any Provider of any Service that might infringe any statutory and/or legal provisions including (but not limited to) the Data Protection Act 1998; and EJC will not make payment for any such Service.

EJC will not act and does not condone an act in violation of any statutory and/or legal provisions including (but not limited to) the Bribery Act 2010 and will not make any payments to any Provider that may result in a breach to any such statute.

EJC will only accept Services from a Provider on the assumption that such Provider has the necessary permissions and freedom to provide such Services. In providing the Services, the Provider confirms that he/she has such necessary permissions, and furthermore the Provider permits EJC to use such Services to its benefit and the Provider shall indemnify EJC in full for any costs, damages or other actions that may result from the provision of the Services or the subsequent use by EJC.

EJC will only make payments strictly in accordance with local tax legislation and in accordance with advice from local tax authorities. Any payments referred to by EJC will be assumed to be gross payments and shall constitute the full gross cost to EJC save for VAT where appropriate. EJC shall be free to deduct any and all appropriate taxes and/or statutory contributions from any amounts prior to any payment being made.

Where the Provider of the Services is a Limited Company, payments will be made following receipt of an accurate invoice of the agreed amount plus VAT. For all other claims, payments will be made via cashless Gift Vouchers for the agreed amount subject to the deduction of applicable taxes.
EJC will issue a unique lead identification number at the point that EJC accepts lead information from the Provider. EJC will only process a claim for payment if the Provider can provide confirmation of the unique lead identification number as issued by EJC.

EJC shall at its sole discretion approve the provision of Services and determine the validity of any subsequent claim for payment. EJC will only make payment for Services which, at its sole discretion, warrant payment.

EJC reserves the right at its sole discretion and without notice to alter the level of payments received by Providers for the provision of Services.

These standard terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

“I’ve used EJC for a few years now. I always know what I’m getting with Peter and his team, whether it’s a senior or a junior hire. They are professional, friendly and have a fantastic network of contacts.”

- Head of Talent Acquisition, Long-Only Asset Manager

“As someone who has worked on in finance for many years, Ryan understands our business needs immediately, which is rare in recruitment. He doesn’t waste my time with unsuitable CV’s as he has a thorough pre-screening process that produces a focused list of great candidates. “

- Risk & Compliance MD, Long- Only Asset Manager

“A very professional outfit with an impressive client list and a real know-how in combining the right candidate with the right position. I would not hesitate to recommend EJC to anyone either looking for employment or looking to hire.”

- Candidate, Business Development Director

“I have had to deal with numerous agencies over the past few years – but coming across EJC has been a breath of fresh air. As a candidate I felt very well looked after and represented and within three weeks of first sending my CV to them I now find myself signing on the dotted line at a large CTA manager.”

- Candidate, Quant Analyst

“Recruitment in the alternative industry is phenomenally competitive – especially for junior hires and EJC really helped me kick-start my career. There are many preconceptions about hedge funds but they helped me understand the structures of the businesses and which roles would best suit my competencies. They were very professional, knowledgeable and provided me with valuable support throughout the recruitment process. I would highly recommend them as professional head-hunters.”

- Candidate, Graduate – Junior Sales

“Over the years I have used Peter’s recruitment services as a candidate and a client. I can say wholeheartedly that he excels in both. He’s a rare breed of recruiter as he actually listens to his clients and never makes a promise on which he can’t deliver. Peter represents many leading UK and European asset managers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of a new role or indeed looking to source staff for a position.”

- Client & Candidate (Portfolio Manager)

“EJC are always be the first recruiter I use. They are a pleasure to work with, not least because EJC takes a genuine interest in my business and the qualities and character of the people I need to hire. I get good people through EJC because they find motivated people who want to do the job, not just move elsewhere for a pay rise. They are always on top of the process and are energetic in obtaining and analysing feedback.”

- MD, Investment Consultancy

“EJC helped us in sourcing some of our key investment professionals. Rather than dealing with the commission driven, one size fits all service of larger recruiters, we appreciated the tailored and focused approach provided by EJC. Their intimate knowledge of what the hedge business is about allowed them to target a small number of high quality individuals for each role. This left us confident that the short list provided were all possible hires for us, therefore saving us the time and money.”

- CFO, Newly launched HF